The Analogies Project

The aim of The Analogies Project is to develop a library of content that will demystify the subject of Information Security and the role it plays in the information economy.

This content will be delivered through a variety of initiatives which will be aimed at different audiences and realised through a variety of mediums. Each initiative will explore alternative communication techniques, media and partners.

Initiative 1: The Analogies Library

A repository of analogies, metaphors, stories and other content contributed by a mixed community drawing on their experience, knowledge and interests, within and outside of information security, to provide compelling illustrations of the importance and relevance of security to stakeholders, employees and citizens.

Initiative 2: The Analogies Book

An anthology of work unified by a single editorial voice, The Analogies Book covers events from around the world and throughout the centuries finding stories that will resonate and have lessons to teach us. The book will draw on the personal careers, interests and knowledge of 20 successful individuals across diverse disciplines such as business, academia, entertainment, sport and government. They will draft stories, drawn from the past and present, whilst IS specialists will highlight the information security risks and draw the parallels with recognised best practise.

Initiative 3: The Exhibition

A touring exhibition, Ciphers, Secrets and Stories, brings together examples of mysteries, codes and secret languages, from the “magical” Viking sunstone to the Enigma machines of Bletchley Park, from Egyptian hieroglyphs and Celtic runes to the one-time pads used by Cold War spies, and links them with portraits, illustrations and examples of the people, technologies and commodities they protected (or failed to protect).

Initiative 4: Opera

Seldom performed, but loved by aficionados, Amphitryon, a play by Moliere set to music by Joseph Martin Kraus, “the Swedish Mozart”, is a story of impersonation and deception set in the classical world which not only affords a rich entertainment, but is also by extension offers a witty analogy with the predatory modern crime of identify theft and its consequences. The libretto will be performed in a new English-language version.

Initiative 5: The TV Documentary

Information Security has been starved of coverage by television, and for obvious reasons: since it is by its very nature digital, virtual and invisible, it is supremely ill-adapted for a medium which must offer concrete imagery if it is to function effectively at all. Our ground-breaking departure into analogous realities will enable television current affairs to explore the territories and dramas of IS for the first time.

Initiative 6: The Video Archive

As an educational resource for all constituencies, the Analogies Project will be compiling and making available on line an archive of short interviews with some of the world’s leading information security professionals.

Initiative 7: The Conference

At the conclusion of the first year of the Analogies Project, all the leading participants will come together for a conference at a major London venue to share, summarise and record our discoveries and plan the way ahead.