Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Ross McMinn

Ross is the co-founder of Workspace 1 Ltd, a Creative Marketing Communications Agency Specialising in film & digital campaigns.   A firm believer that B2B communications should adhere to the same principles and standards used by the TV and Film industry he has been creating engaging and thought provoking content for over 12 years.

Heading up the production department for an Award Winning B2B Creative Agency that specialised in Risk Management campaigns, Ross was a key member of the creative team.  As such he has delivered effective Information Security campaigns for global businesses such as Barclays, Experian, Sony and more. After successfully running workshops on New Marketing principles to companies like Alcatel-Lucent & Sainsbury’s Ross continues to advise on how to implement these strategies as part of larger campaigns.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“Having been involved in countless Risk Management campaigns over the years, I recognised just how exciting and ground breaking this project will be. It’s a privilege to be involved in something that can evolve fluidly as technological and sociological developments create new Information Security opportunities and threats. At the same time the way the project seamlessly taps into all areas of history and culture gives scope for some innovative initiatives that will be fascinating to see the results from.” 

Workspace 1 Ltd’s role in The Analogies Project is that of creative consultancy and media development.

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