Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Project Patron: (ISC)2


(ISC)2 is the world’s largest body of information security and software professionals with over 110,000 certified members in 160 countries.  We are a community with both a deep understanding of how risks are evolving in a cyber-enabled world, and the desire to ensure the future of this world. We are also well aware of how dependent we are on ensuring the right instincts of the people and organisations we are working to protect. Yet there lacks a collective understanding of priorities, best practices and leadership in how this can be achieved. 

This is why we are pleased to become a Patron of The Analogies Project for Information Security. There is a clear opportunity to harness the breadth of experience in this area and develop a significant, accessible resource that can help our profession and society move forward within a safe and secure cyber world.

Adrian Davis, MD, ISC2 EMEA