Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Andrew Bycroft

Based in Sydney, Australia, Andrew Bycroft is a prolific writer, blogger, strategist, advisor, and presenter, and strives to challenge the status quo in information security in order to help organizations develop a successful and strategic approach to security centered around risk as opposed to the problematic and traditional tactical approaches to security centered around budget, technology or compliance.

Andrew’s career spans close to 20 years having been engaged to consult, design, deploy, train and manage all manner of complex technologies and develop creative solutions to address a variety of threats. Andrew is most commonly known for his unique talent of conveying the complex messages of security in language that both technical and executive level audiences can comprehend. Andrew has also developed and delivered course material for half day and full day workshops at a number of industry events covering topics such as governance, risk and compliance, PCI DSS, BYOD, VoIP security, cloud security and threat awareness.

Andrew is the founder and lead security strategist at The Security Artist and is recognized as one of Asia Pacific’s pre-eminent security advisors and consultants.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“For many years I have used a combination of visual cues combined with analogies to help senior executives understand the importance of taking a risk based approach to information security and I was delighted to see “The Analogies Project” as the ultimate vehicle for delivering the same messaging to the general public. Everyone has some information that could be considered an asset worth protecting, thus information security is pertinent to everyone; now everyone has the chance to embrace a fascinating collection of easily relatable stories and factual anecdotes whilst learning how to protect their most precious assets.”

My Analogies

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