Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Jason Ha

Jason has spent his 18 year information security career spanning various roles ranging from consulting, marketing, strategy, implementation, audit and architecture. In his travels, he’s learnt to effectively engage with stakeholders at varying levels of the organisation from technical practitioners to board and audit/risk committees. The key to Jason’s approach to information security is to ensure that an organisation truly understands what’s important to them and drives innovate information security change through the alignment of information security to support and enhance the organisation’s primary purpose. In his spare time, Jason is an avid movie watcher and tries to look for information security themes in popular movies so they can be used make information security topics more relatable.

 Why I joined the Analogies Project

“One of the most important skills if not the most important for an information security practitioner is to be able to make complex cyber geek speak into relatable concepts so individuals and businesses can make sound decisions. I’m humbled to be part of a group of professionals who are passionate about this purpose in order to provide society with interesting story telling tools that can be used to improve awareness of people and hopefully as a result, reduce the number of information security issues.”

My Analogies

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