Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Anne Wood

Anne has over five years information security experience and over three years PCI DSS experience covering a wide range of skills including strategy and policy, training and awareness, gap analysis, assessment and assurance, compliance review, operational risk and project management.  Anne has strong experience within the financial services sector covering acquiring, issuing and merchant functions.

PCI DSS engagements have included compliance reviews and assessment, and remediation activities. Anne held the role of PCI ISA for one of the UK’s major financial service providers acting as internal SME to all areas of the business. In addition to PCI DSS, engagements have included ISO27001 gap analysis and assessment, development of policies and procedures, undertaking and documenting risk assessments, risk management methodologies, security training and awareness, quality assurance and project management.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“At university I studied Linguistics; the science of language. Throughout my degree we were reminded that how we communicate and the language we use can have a profound effect on how others respond to us. In my information security career to date, I have seen and heard on countless occasions from the industry the argument that the business doesn’t care or doesn’t understand why security matters or how it works. The challenge I see is that, as a profession, we are poor at translating our concerns into those of our colleagues, and in communicating the concepts that our industry lives and breathes every day. I have a passion for helping people understand security, and in doing so, seeing them become increasingly engaged with it and this is why I wanted to be part of the project. The Analogies project provides a mechanism to help break through these barriers by offering tangible, accessible images to security professionals that they can use to explain often dry and inaccessible concepts to their business partners.”

My Analogies

Lessons From the Pit Lane Castles Security Yoga
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