Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Christian Toon

Christian holds the position of Head of Information Risk, covering Europe and Asia at storage and information management company, Iron Mountain. Christian has a wealth of experience in the industry and now ensures that governance, risk and compliance requirements are met within both new and existing contracts from across the continent. With over twelve years managing risk, the last 6 years focusing on information risk.

A qualified auditor, fellow of the Information and Records Management Society, Associate of the Institute of Information Security Professionals and trained by the UK Government on Information Assurance makes him a valuable asset to the industry leaders in business today.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“The Analogies Project is that initiative that I was drawn too, an opportunity to deliver a message through the art of storytelling, with the view of helping industry combat the challenge of communication – why wouldn’t you want to do something for the greater good ?  In my view it’s the key approach to make the connections we need for Information Security and the outside world. I’m thankful and privileged to be part this project as we’re all benefiting from it.”

My Analogies

Identity Theft & Wills
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