Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Craig Goodwin

Craig Goodwin is Vice President, Information Security at Monster Worldwide. He’s an executive level thought leader in Information Security with a unique blend of holistic security and business expertise, which spans many sectors and business areas. Craig is committed to creating pragmatic solutions that serve to help business operations rather than hinder them.

Prior to his role running global security for Monster Worldwide he led security within both public and private sector organisations at both CISO and Head of Security levels.

Craig has a flair for designing and implementing strategic level improvements combining technology, people and policy to achieve globally recognized results.  He’s successfully implemented a holistic security improvement program for 35,000 plus employees of an English local authority He’s also responsible for developing and implementing a ‘first ever’ hybrid Information Security Management System (ISMS) for the largest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract for secure communications in the United Kingdom.

A respected authority on holistic security and in particular the human factor in information security, Craig uses this expertise to regularly contribute to both security related publications and industry groups.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“My interest in the Analogies project stems from a love of human interaction and behaviour. I think the security industry as a whole has, for too long, considered itself to be unique, we thought of everything we are doing as different or requiring a ‘re-invention of the wheel’. Should we be so naïve as to think that what we are doing, within security, is so different from what other professions, people and civilisations have done in the past? The Analogies Project gives us a chance to learn lessons from areas outside of security, to explore new ideas and even better, new ways to communicate these ideas. I am excited to be a part of it and am looking forward to where it may lead in the future.”

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