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Dan Sherman

Dan Sherman is the director of information security for Telos Corporation. He is responsible for ensuring overall security of Telos Corporate IT infrastructure. In this capacity Dan conducts security testing on business applications, networking equipment, as well as physical security controls (i.e., social engineering tests).  He also conducts security testing on third party products and services prior to deployment by Telos. Dan also provides subject matter expertise in the area of incident management and response and provides security architecture and design guidance.

Prior to assuming this position at the beginning of 2011, Mr. Sherman also served Telos as the research lead for Information Assurance (IA), IA program manager, ISEE project manager and as a senior enterprise security consultant since joining the company in October 2001.  Prior to his arrival at Telos, Mr. Sherman worked for ISP TSI Broadband in a variety of roles. He earned a diploma in network engineering and data communications from the Chubb Institute.

Mr. Sherman is certified as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Information System Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP) and is Fortify SCA certified. Mr. Sherman is an advisory board member for the Computer and Network Security (CNS) program at Anthem Institute. He is a member of Infragard and a volunteer of the (ISC)2 Safe and Secure Program to teach young people about online security.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“The Analogies Project fills a big void in the information security world; it takes a difficult, broad topic and makes it much more digestible.  These analogies work for all age levels, from children to boardroom decision makers.  InfoSec practitioners are essentially teachers, so being able to articulate complex ideas through commonly known, easily relatable analogies is a great tool to keep in every infosec tool belt.”

My Analogies

When the Worlds of InfoSec and Diabetes Management Intersect
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