Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

David Scovetta

David has been supporting technology within the Financial Services industry since 2005 and has been focused on Information Security specifically since 2007. While he asserts a strong command of security concepts as well as any other seasoned veteran in the industry, what makes David unique is his ability to explain security concepts in simple terms and advise business professionals towards prudent and fiscally-minded risk management postures. His goal is to inspire confidence in business leaders towards Security, and to prepare them to anticipate and handle consequences.

Why I Joined the Analogies Project

“I’ve had several opportunities in my career to educate and train staff on various IT/IS policies and procedural requirements. I quickly realized that to really capture people’s attention, these concepts needed to be put into simple explanations that everyone from Intern to Managing Director could understand. One of the simplest ways to do this I found was to describe these concepts as analogies and explain them in positive frames of reference. I’ve found that staff appreciated the change from dry policy readings. Most people want to do the right thing, and to follow the rules. I work to ensure they are all empowered to do so, and allow the business to see their employees as assets rather than than liabilities towards.”

My Analogies

Maturing Information Security and the Musical World
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