Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Emmanuel Nicaise

Emmanuel is a seasoned advisor & manager with more than 20 years of experience in IT and in corporate security (Information, cyber, operational and physical security). He first graduated in IT and later obtained a master in Clinical Psychology. This unusual combination led him to a more human centric approach of security. His main role is to take an helicopter view of a situation and dig down to the processes, human and technical levels to understand the risks, the impacts and the opportunities for improvement. Then, he aligns the processes and controls on the business goals and needs. He creates the glue that makes things work efficiently all together. His approach is to foster the changes towards a more security oriented culture and efficient organization. Emmanuel is also the founder and president of the (ISC)² Belux chapter.

Why I joined the Analogies Project

“I’m kind of a geek. Coming from a technical background, I love bits and bytes. During my career, I had to face the fact that this love for details is not so common among senior managers and non-IT people. However, as we need to work toward the same goal, I had to find a common language. So I rapidly embrace the use of analogies to share my concerns and my solutions while conveying the related emotional content and even raising the interest for the topic. As sharing is part of my core values, joining the analogies project was just a logical step.”

My Analogies

The importance of the captain’s log…
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