Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Jack Matthews

Jack was thrown headfirst into cybersecurity when he joined Commissum as a Marketing Assistant in June 2016. With his journalism degree and previous career experience including restaurant marketing and television subtitling, the task of getting his head around the infosec world seemed an uphill struggle.

Despite his non-technical role, Jack is eager to learn as much as he can about information security and was directed to The Analogies Project by his manager shortly after taking up the position. Thanks to the project, fervent reading of other sites and blogs and some help from the Open University, Jack feels he is finally starting to get a handle on understanding the basics of security, though his mind still boggles at the scale of what’s yet to be learnt.

Outside of work, Jack is an avid car fan and runs a small car blog: When not indulging this passion, he can often be found wandering around Edinburgh or plonked in front of the PS4 for hours at a time. He regularly posts on security on the Commissum blog and his Linkedin.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“As a newcomer to the world of security, I was flummoxed at where to start with understanding the myriad complex subjects I was suddenly wrestling with. The Analogies Project gave me inspiration on how to simplify and relate to the concepts I’ve been learning about in order to improve my understanding and allow me to participate in the deeper conversation on information security matters.”

My Analogies

Ransomware At Work
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