Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Jason Cowling

Jason Cowling has over fifteen years of experience in the security industry. Jason has designed security applications for every commercial sector, along with project managing installations. He was the recipient of the Scholarship for Service scholarship at Carnegie Mellon University, awarded by the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation. Academically, Jason’s security focus is on National and Global cybersecurity public policy. Jason has designed a nationally recognized graduate school program in cybersecurity for a major university. Jason has also served on the Technical Advisory Board for CSO Magazine. In 2012 Jason ran for State Representative in Ohio’s 36th Congressional District, and continues an active interest in local politics. Currently, Jason is a Graduate Assistant at the University of Akron, pursuing a PhD in English, and teaching.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“As both a security practitioner, and an English major, I am always caught up in metaphor. Security itself is a metaphor, illusive, and always a heuristic problem to solve. I work at the confluence of public policy, security, and culture. Finding ways to incentivize these constituencies to improve security is my goal. The Analogies Project plays an important role in this regard, and I’m glad to take part.”

My Analogies

Quantify, Qualify, Endlessly Reify
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