Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Jeffrey Borbón Sanabria

Jeffrey has been working in IT and information security for the last 10 years and Chief Information Security Officer for the last 3. He has studied computer science, information security and risk management.

Today Jeffrey works as CISO for the Grupo de Energía de Bogota in Colombia focusing on areas related to energy and gas. He’s known by colleagues as ‘the guy that will explain everything with Lego blocks’ or using comparisons with the world of cookery. His motto, “I still believe in security awareness using pedagogy”.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“I decided to join The Analogies Project because there are several ways to achieve our goal of increasing awareness in subjects like security, risk and continuity, one of the most useful being analogies. 

Our brain works by creating connections between different things and analogies create some triggers or ideas that surface in our brain when danger or risk is near, so this helps. 🙂 “

My Analogies

Nutrition and Security Security on a Plate Common Ingredients In Gastronomy and Information Security
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