Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Kyle Miskell Schutte

Kyle Miskell Schutte is an Information Systems Auditor and Security Consultant with a consulting firm based in Cincinnati, OH. His diverse experience within the manufacturing, retail, financial and insurance industries coupled with a CISA certification has enhanced Kyle’s ability to provide unique sustainable InfoSec solutions.

Kyle’s background in Security, like many of his colleagues, did not start with formal education or training. While starting his career in Accounting and Finance, Kyle found himself drawn to projects surrounding system controls and implementations. This interested was fully realized in his transition and work as a consultant. Kyle’s business oriented experience and distinct approach to identifying security threats and securing information has contributed to his ability to enhance the security of his clients.

Throughout his career, Kyle has had the opportunity to work with multiple organizations on projects spanning from ERP system implementation, segregation of duties audits and ETL projects to IT security risk assessments and reviews, change management audits and social engineering testing. Kyle’s passion for exceeding client’s expectations while expanding his own skill set continually drives his work.

Why I Joined the Analogies Project

“Upon discovering The Analogies Project, I felt that the organisation provided an invaluable public service. I share The Analogies Project’s mission to engage people of different backgrounds on InfoSec topics through analogies. I feel this plays an important role in demystifying and explaining the benefits of protecting information in an increasingly connected world. My hope is that my contributions will in a small way broaden the conversation about Information Security leading to future innovations in the industry.”

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