Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Michael Cole

Michael Cole is Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for a Texas-based publicly-traded bank, and leads the Information Security strategy and execution for the organization. As an USAF veteran with more than 14 years’ experience working in the technology industry, Michael’s technical background covers specialized areas of infrastructure security, vulnerability management, auditing, and certification and accreditation. Previously, he served in a broad range of security roles, including security architecture and engineering, security compliance auditing and consulting for small financial institutions, developing and managing accreditation packages for a diverse spectrum of DoD programs worldwide, biometrics, and as a site information assurance manager in Afghanistan.

His professional interests include the development, integration, and execution of leadership techniques and principles relevant to the information security field, and effective policy development and implementation.

Why I Joined the Analogies Project

“I want to make a difference. 

I believe that the InfoSec industry is flush with amazing, talented people, who understand the technical aspects of security very well.  However, we are lacking effective leaders who understand both security and business, and more importantly, can communicate across those boundaries effectively.  Analogies are language functions that transform our industry practices and principles into expressions that others can understand, and derive meaning from.  I am excited to be contributing to the Analogies Project that is effecting positive change within our industry and communicating our stories, values, and principles to others.”

My Analogies

We Hear It Every Day The Best Offense is a Good Defense
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