Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Mike Carter


Mike has twenty-five years’ experience as a writer, communicator, and developer of teaching methodologies. His work in security has allowed him to use his expertise to create stimulating and compelling content and training for a range of audiences as part of the process of cultural change. Over the course of his working life, Mike has written plays for the professional theatre, directed, trained teachers, taught in schools and universities, and led numerous applied drama projects with diverse community groups. He has spoken on training methodologies at international conferences and at the House of Commons. In March 2015, Mike presented a paper on collaboration as a key feature of security culture at the ISF UK Chapter Meeting.

At the end of 2013 he formed, with colleagues, Layer 8 Ltd. The company uses storytelling, performance and interactive training to raise awareness of data security in the corporate world and effect behavioural and cultural change in the workplace.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“Layer 8 shares a common belief with the Analogies Project: that telling stories, making comparisons and finding metaphors enables people to see abstract terms and ideas as meaningful. Because stories engage the imagination and the emotions, they’re more likely to carry messages that stick. Storytelling is at the heart of human communication and, given that the ‘human factor’ is so often the cause of security breaches, it’s a powerful approach to take. In social groups and workplace cultures, shared stories and analogies bind that group together and this is essential for behavioural improvements and cultural change to occur. The Analogies Project provides a rich repository for such stories and provokes new and memorable ways of thinking about security.” 

My Analogies

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