Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Mo Amin

Mo Amin is a London based information security professional. He started out in the world of desktop support where he honed his communication skills from there he transitioned into information security. Since then he has acquired a broad range of experience across the field ranging from operational security through to consultancy. He has always had an interest in information security awareness and over the last couple of years has become more interested in how organisations can create the right security culture.

He is currently working with The Roer Group on the Security Culture Framework ( and the associated training at

He can be found on Twitter as @infosecmo and also attempts to maintain his personal blog at


Why I joined The Analogies Project

“If we can take the knowledge in our heads and make it engaging, creative and put a narrative to it, it’ll help provide clarity for those that we are trying to reach, be they executives, friends or family. Initiatives such as The Analogies Project are exactly what we need in our industry to help elevate the awareness of individuals.  That’s why I joined the project and am looking forward to contributing and seeing it grow.”

My Analogies

Look at What I Learnt in Class
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