Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Richard Jones

Richard turned to information security when the Y2K opportunity finally dried up on the 2nd January 2000! Starting out in digital rights management and following a dalliance with Iris Recognition biometrics, the last 10 years of his career have centred around risk management programs and latterly the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  Now at Foregenix Ltd his life revolves around working with banks and other organisations within the payments value to chain with the objective of getting small / medium businesses to take cyber security more seriously.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“A number of my jobs have stated out with ‘emerging technologies’ where the solution is to address a known risk, albeit not one that is widely understood, so I have regularly turned to analogies to try and explain the concept.  There is no doubt that cyber security is something that does and will increasingly become an important factor in both our professional and personal lives, however as things stand the general consensus always seems to be that it is both baffling and  ‘someone else’s problem’. In order to change that perception we need to shift the abstract, into real world situations that everyone can relate to and actually care about.  Where possible I like to pick up on current news stories and other topical issues and relate to them to the world of Cyber Security.” 

My Analogies

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