Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Stuart Facey

Stuart is Vice President EMEA for Bomgar, an enterprise remote access solutions company. His role involves leading the company’s activities across Europe, from sales and business development through to discussing the challenges of secure remote access with customers, partners and press. Prior to Bomgar, he held roles at TrenStar and Viewlocity.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“The security sector has some of the brightest minds and newest technologies being developed, but it can also be esoteric and difficult to link back to business success. I see The Analogies Project as a great opportunity to help companies see where their investment in security is taking them beyond “insurance” and only stopping things going wrong; it can provide new ways for individuals to work and create value for their organisations.”

My Analogies

What’s that Plumber Doing in the Bedroom?
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