Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Tomasz Król

Tomasz Król is a Chief Information Security Officer at 3S Group, a private telecom & data center company. He has over 25 years experience in the IT industry, and comes to security from IT operations, software development, and IT management, where security was always a strong factor.

As a software development company CEO, Tomasz created dozens of web applications for Fortune 500 companies.

In his spare time, he is exploring the IoT world, paragliding, and breeding carp fish.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project:

“I work with people to help them understand, value, and use principles of security daily. I use analogies to be better understood by a non-IT audience. The Analogies Project provides a lot of new ways to clarify and explain difficult topics in a simple and fun way, which is much more rewarding. And, I want to contribute my experience to the information security community.”

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