Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story


The Analogies Project is a creative, not for profit initiative, supporting the global information security community to engage more effectively with stakeholders.

It will do this by understanding, communicating and delivering context and familiarity, to the information security message. It will deliver this through a number of initiatives which will explore the opportunities for improved engagement through content and unique partnerships leveraging alternative delivery platforms.

Why use analogies?

Many aspects of information security are highly technical and require a deep specialist knowledge. However, we know that all security depends ultimately on the awareness and preparedness of non-specialists.

Information security professionals cannot rely solely on technology to protect their organisations. They must engage with senior management and users in a way that their message is understood, fully appreciated and implemented. In this way they can drive changes in attitude and behaviour that will make the organisation more secure.

To do that, they must find a new language to get their points across to the non-specialist. And this is where the Analogies Project comes in.

Analogies, stories and metaphors  are a proven tool for engaging with people, improving understanding and influencing behaviour. They are widely used in day to day life to explain almost anything . But we may only know a handful about any given topic, such as information security. Now imagine a library of analogies drawing on different interests, day to day experiences, cultures and written in different languages. How could this help you when engaging with management and employees?