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A Tidy Kitchen

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“I can’t stand to wake up to a dirty kitchen!” If you hear that often enough in your formative years, guess what you end up saying as an adult.

It is a ritual in our house to tidy the kitchen each night before bed. The sight in the morning of a spruced up kitchen with an espresso pot ready to go, sets up the day in just the right way.

I am very methodical when it comes to doing the dishes. They are first grouped so that cutlery, pots, plates etc. all get hand washed in their respective batches. The draining rack is packed from the top and while the dishes are dripping dry, I will put out the garbage and then wipe clean the counters and stove. That for me is the most relaxing experience of the day.

Cleaning the kitchen is a task. If I want to enjoy an organised kitchen on waking up, it has to be cleaned at night. But the way I do it is not the only way that the result can be obtained. People who order in food and use disposal cutlery can also enjoy a clean room in the morning. Someone can be hired to do that work or there are dishwashers to handle the bulk of the task.

The objective remains to wake up to a tidy kitchen but the tactics used can be varied. For each tactic, there are tasks that must be done in order to achieve the desired arrangement.

When the objective is the protect information there are also different tactics a company can use. The factors that influence the choice of tactics are peculiar to each company and for each there will be a set of tasks to accomplish the goal.

It is important to keep a record of the tasks that make a tactic successful because with this information companies can teach staff about and then streamline the effort to secure their information.


Author: Sean Pollonais

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