Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

The Analogies Project to Host Workshop at National Institute of Healthcare

Richard Corbridge, Chief Information Officer, at the NIHR Clinical Research Network has engaged The Analogies Project to facilitate an internal workshop with his team of 10 Information Governance managers later this year.  The workshop will utilise storytelling, analogies and metaphors to set the context for 4 areas of debate whilst also introducing the reasoning behind why such techniques may provide a platform for more effective engagement with stakeholders.

The ubiquitous nature of knowledge, information and data in our everyday lives means that there’s a hidden story about information security everywhere. Finding those hidden stories provides us with an opportunity to engage more effectively with stakeholders, whether employees or the Board.

“Information Governance and Security is something that clinical research in England takes very seriously. Finding ways to engage an organisation in these complex and often abstract ideals is often difficult. The work the Analogies Project has done in this space ensures that engagement can be gained regardless of current levels of understanding.”

Richard Corbridge, CIO, NIHR Clinical Research Network

We’re looking forward to sharing our work with Richard and his team to help entrench the great work that’s already been done at NIHR.

Author: Bruce Hallas

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