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Bruce Hallas

Bruce Hallas

Bruce is the creator and founder of The Analogies Project and the owner and principle consultant at Marmalade Box Ltd. For 12 years he has advised widely on the impact of information security risks to cash flow, profitability, personal and organisational reputations, economic and social prosperity. He puts down his success in information security to story telling, facts, figures, metaphors and delivering against expectations.

Bruce’s formal training was in law, finance and marketing. This, combined with experience in business development and resource management,  led  him to develop an information and people centric approach to security where achieving acceptable levels of risk, and not 100% security, was his objective. This was the principle upon which he built an information security practice at one of the UK’s largest IT resellers, ISC Networks, in 1999.

He has a strong interest in public policy and the risk, and opportunities,  that information security introduces to economic and social prosperity. His work, in the public policy arena, has resulted in invitations to contribute to open and closed debate on the issues the UK and EU face surrounding information security. His public policy work includes the development of IRISS, (Integrated Regional Information Security Strategy), the fore runner of what are now known as the UK’s Regional CyberSecurity Strategies,  the role of transparency in security best practice, strengthening of security certification standards and influencing cultural attitudes towards security.

Whenever possible, Bruce enjoy’s presenting on the implications of information security to as varied an audience as possible. He’s presented to marketing, communications, nanotechnology, bio-tech, economic policy, digital & social media, academic  and finance audiences as well as those within information security. He likes to draw parallels between events happening around us, and information security, and raise awareness of these through Twitter, his blog and now his most ambitious effort to date, The Analogies Project.

My Analogies

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