Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith is a Senior Security Engineer within the hosting sector for a secure managed hosting provider. She maintains the various systems that make up her organization’s security stack and is also tasked with conducting research and further developing those solutions. She is proficient in OS, Application, and Network security, identifying and responding to security threats, and  consulting with customers on variety of regulatory and compliance requirements including HIPAA, PCIDSS, and FISMA. She has been responsible for successful PCI assessments both as as a merchant and PCI compliant service provider.

Alicia has worked in the computer industry for 15+ years. 10 of these have been spent working within the hosting industry. In addition to her day to day responsibilities she has been responsible for writing procedural documentation, advising on policy, and instrumental in analyzing process flows and incorporating security into them where necessary.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“I noticed early on that many people tasked with compliance and security in many organizations find it difficult to identify threats and implement meaningful controls. I determined that it is the responsibility of people like myself to impart knowledge and help those with a need to reach those goals. The more informed the average user is about security practices, the more secure our internet will be. Security is not just your healthcare provider’s, or your employer’s, or your parent’s responsibility — Security is everyone’s responsibility.”

My Analogies

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