Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Claus Houmann

Claus Cramon Houmann is addicted to everything Infosec and is trying to contribute to the community by adding a “defending SMB’s in today’s evolving threat environment” POV. Claus currently runs an IT Consulting company plus works as a Community Manager at Peerlyst. Claus previously worked in the IT outsourcing industry for many years.

Claus is acutely aware of the need to improve lingo and understanding of Information Security and all the issues and challenges this involves and has been working for many years to improve his own lacking communication skills in this regard. Claus actively supports initiatives that aim to improve security for us all, most notably the iamTheCavalry movement, which he hopes to help spread to Europe/Globally. Claus runs a security twitter feed of aggregated infosec news and events which he mostly uses to learn more personally. Claus is an active blogger, blogging for Information Security Buzz and Peerlyst.

Why I joined The Analogies Project

“The Analogies Project is a project aiming to improve understand of Information Security globally and therefore it is, in my opinion, an initiative worth supporting. I have learned a lot from reading analogies already,  and have become more and more aware of the need to use Analogies in my daily work and life. I appreciate the chance to contribute greatly and will strive to develop useful analogies”

My Analogies

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