Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Daan Stakenburg

Daan Stakenburg is an Information Security Architect at the Future Group, a collective of IT entrepreneurs based in the Netherlands. Daan is a passionate information security professional with over fifteen years of experience in various roles within the ICT industry.

As an architect and consultant he has collaborated with colleagues and customers in making the right decisions with regard to identified IT and resulting business risks. With his technical expertise in network infrastructure and security, information security, operating systems security and vulnerability assessments, he has ensured the successful deployment of both technical and non-technical security controls on a variety of projects.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“With the advances in technology, IT is becoming more of a black art than anything else. But these developments do not necessarily reduce the risk or impact of a security incident. It is therefore essential that budget holders are kept in the loop and understand the essence of effective security controls and the need for time and money spend to implement such controls. Analogies are a great way to convey these requirements. With the open nature of the analogies project it allows the sharing of good stories without being detrimental to the security of the company you work for.”

My Analogies

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