Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Jim Seaman

An innovative and strategically, business-minded Information Security & Risk executive with a long and distinguished career history, contributing to company growth by employing intuitive risk management skills and extensive security knowledge to protect any establishment’s critical/sensitive information and assets, along with market share, revenues, and brand. An open and accessible communicator, who is endowed of dynamic leadership talents and with proven ability to build high performing teams.

A wealth of experience gained from over 27 years working in the security industry, in both the military and commercial environments.

Why I joined the Analogies Project

“Protecting data assets is often regarding as a niche subject, when in reality it is mostly common sense that is frequently made more difficult than it needs to be.  Consequently, drawing on an extremely diverse and rewarding career, and pastimes helps me to create differing ways to explain and describe the supporting concepts.”

My Analogies

Cybersecurity: Avoiding the Scavenger Hunt How to Think Like the Enemy
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