Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke is the owner of Infospectives security consultancy and author of the multi-award nominated Infospectives blog. She supplies clients with original and engaging security content and offers risk insight and practical support to plan security governance, risk and compliance activities.

Her background is broad having worked from the ground up in IT 14 years ago, including 8 years in financial services. As well as contributing to the the analogies project she writes for a number of trade publications including Information Security Buzz and The Tripwire State of Security Blog.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

To use an analogy to explain: 

“I’m an expert in my field, but when my car goes wrong I feel helpless and fearful that I am going to be overcharged by the car trade.  I have now found a garage that uses plain English to explain exactly what’s wrong, short and long term implications of the problem and options to fix.  The upshot –trust.  I always return there.  There are closer places I could go, but I always hand over my credit card feeling confident that I’m only paying for what I need.

In my opinion, the historic “them and us” tension between security professionals and the rest of the business is primarily due to the same feelings of debilitation and resulting defensiveness. 

The Analogies Project is an excellent initiative that will help break down this language barrier and I am extremely happy to contribute in any way I can.”


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My Analogies

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