Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Tom Fairfax

Tom Fairfax is Managing Director of Security Risk Management, an information security consultancy assisting a wide range of public, private and third sector clients to implement effective information and payment card security, respond to incidents, and enable their organisations to operate safely (or as safely as possible).

He has been an information security consultant since the early 1990s, following service with the British Army in an Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment.   Since 2000 he has served as a member of the Land Information Assurance Group, (LIAG) which has provided the British Army’s principal cyber security capability over the past decade.

Over the past two decades, in uniform and out, Tom and his teams have been lucky enough to be involved in a range of tasks and assignments worldwide, delivering Cyber and Information Security Support to clients in Public, Private and Third sectors, in addition to HM Forces in the UK and overseas.

Tom is a periodic speaker at a range of industry events, and is the author of a number of articles in the industry and wider press.

In terms of his wider context, Tom also runs a mixed farm in Northumberland and is involved with a number of small companies and charity organisations.   He paints rather optimistic watercolours and plays the Ukulele and the Northumbrian Smallpipes (equally optimistically though enthusiastically – clearly a dangerous combination!).

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“Information Security is all about people and their decisions,  good decisions are hard to make if people do not understand the environment in which they are operating.  Anything that we can do to shine light on the intangible, invisible world that is the Information Space must be a good thing.

Information Security is highly context sensitive, and context is a function of perspective.  This project has provided a range of different perspectives, some of which resonate.  

When I read through the analogies, some made me smile, and some made me think about something that has been central to my life for over two decades from a new perspective.  This is the type of initiative that changes Information Security from a chore to an enabler.  That must be a good thing! “

My Analogies

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