Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

A Security Sonnet

Photo Credit: DG Jones via Compfight cc

E’en Now, Security Threatens to O’erwhelm


Like as to the packet, so is the frame,

Traversing routers in fluid sequence;

Each its proper, rightful rank to proclaim,

Yet each holds, possibly, a cruel offense.


Careful watch doth each admin’s job require.

Each tempestuous packet lies ne’er hold.

Every moment, before each day’s end

Ask: Is the packet hot? Or frame’s time old?


Securing the company’s fair borders,

And, duty-bound, with joy, scraping events –

Behold! Following management’s orders:

“Thou must of the complexities make sense.”


SYN, SYN ACK, ACK, thus IT’s eyes will quake,

Ensuring each handshake a friend doth make.

Author: Ross Moore

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