Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Ross Moore

Ross has worked in IT for 15 years, is a Network Architect for a financial services company, and has also worked in manufacturing and healthcare sectors. He’s working on increasing security awareness in his company and better aligning IT practices with business processes. Experience has taught him the importance of “Semper Gumby” – Always Flexible. After spending a year as a volunteer storyteller at a local children’s hospital, he learned the value of telling a story to anyone, even if done imperfectly.

Why I Joined the Analogies Project

“With 10 children, my wife and I never lack for stories to tell, read or make up. My career in IT has taught me the value of security. Many coworkers I’ve talked to about cyber security find as much enjoyment and value in learning it as they do hearing accountants read the company’s financial statements (my apologies to those in Accounting who are good storytellers). With our children growing up in the digital and hyper-connected age, stories are a great way to teach them information security. When I came across The Analogies Project, I saw a great opportunity to mix my love of stories with the need for others – especially those who are non-technical – to understand the vitality, feasibility, and reality of computer security.”

My Analogies

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