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Dances with Wifi

Photo Credit: vegienytx via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: vegienytx via Compfight cc

There’s an old Native American Indian belief that the process of being photographed could steal your soul and was disrespectful to the spirit world.  Cameras were devices believed to record and store both human spirits and their eternal souls.

Early cameras consisted of a closed chamber with an open aperture at one end through which the light or soul enters, a sensitive surface to capture the soul and an extra-dimensional ‘hell portal’ onto which the resulting soul is embedded into photograph paper and forever judged and tormented.

I’ve come to view the Internet like this.

We log on and our souls are confronted with: cookies, adware, spyware, viruses, Trojans, geo-location apps, finger printing, Java scripts, root kits, zombies, botnets, key loggers, screen grabbers, password grabbers, password crackers, mockingbirds, SQL injections, cross site scripting, smurfing, phishing and pharming evils.  Each one intent on taking a little piece of us.  Social media sites and search engines sell our thoughts, dreams and desires while governments monitor our every whisper.

These evil spirits live inside the Internet and take our most intimate details from us to be place in their databases where they are forever judged and tormented.  We allow them to do so without a fight and little by little we are vanishing.

I believe every time we log on, the Internet steals a piece of our souls.

Author: Richard Hollis

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