Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Angus McIlwraith

Angus McIlwraith has worked in Information security for a long time – longer than he cares to say. He has been pivotal in the arrest of extremely violent cyber-blackmailers, has helped organisations recover from catastrophic bomb blasts, and has worked across many industries & sectors. He has been a CISO, a consultant, a trainer and an investigator. He has presented at several Information Security Forum congresses, the annual conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors (now ISACA) and COMPSEC. He was a Council Member of the Information security Forum for 8 years, and contributed to a number of their reports. He has written regular columns in Computer Security magazine, Information Security Management magazine and most recently Infosecurity Magazine (although this was done under a different name to protect the guilty).

Angus wrote and had published “Information Security and employee behaviour – How to reduce risk through employee education, training and awareness” (published by Gower 2006 ISBN 0566 08647 6), He is currently updating the book for a second edition.

He is a Senior CESG Certified Professional (SIRA) and holds a Distinction for the BCS ISEB CISMP qualification. He is an MA with Honours from the University of Aberdeen and holds an M.Sc in Information Systems from the University of Brighton.

In his spare time Angus plays in a number of music ensembles – ranging from hard rock to traditional folk. He also runs regular concerts to help showcase local musicians playing original material.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

All the evidence bears me out – most security incidents happen because people do silly things because they are ill-informed. Information Security – as a profession – have historically been very poor communicators. The use of analogies and stories is one of the most powerful means we can communicate with. The Analogies Project provides a wonderful set of tales that anyone can use to explain WHY security is important. Once people understand why, they will be more willing to learn, and more willing to protect themselves and act to protect the information in their care. Too often we ignore the key part of our systems – people.

My Analogies

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