Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Stephen Patton

Stephen Patton is an Information Security Architect with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. He primarily focuses on assessing information security risk, and providing technical and policy guidance for business projects. He holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential.

Steve frequently presents at conferences on a variety of information security related topics such as risk management and investigative techniques. He has presented at such conferences as Black Hat, Secure World, and Source Boston. He also has presented specialty investigative information to a variety of anti-fraud groups focused on insurance fraud, arson, and real estate fraud.

Steve has recently started a course of study in Data Science to better understand the application of statistics and “big data” techniques to information security and business risk. He enjoys programming, and develops large datasets and tools to manage them in his spare time.

The Analogies Project is particularly intriguing to Steve as he seeks to contribute to innovative ways of expressing business risk in relevant, compelling narratives. His hope is that the Analogies Project will successfully enlighten an entire generation of business and societal leaders to prudently address information security in all their operations. The opinions expressed by Steve with the Analogies Project are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“The Analogies Project is innovative and effective in generating security awareness precisely because of its unorthodox approach. The Project seeks to tell stories to create awareness of the risk related to information security decisions. Behavioral research has shown the power of stories to influence behavior, often indicating that stories are more motivational than facts. I am drawn to the Project and its mission because effective story telling may be the best way to change computing behavior, and the Analogies Project is at the very center of that conversation.”


My Analogies

Sherlock Holmes, Information Security Analyst? Operation Quicksilver In Plain Sight Right Size How Convenient The Bomb Disposal Unit Library at Alexandria
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