Finding The Hidden InfoSec Story

Wendy Goucher

Wendy is an Information Security Specialist with Goucher Consulting, a small information security consultancy based in Scotland. Most of her consultancy work is focused on working with organisations to make policy and procedures that are both compliant with whatever external rules they need to follow, while allowing those at the ‘coal face’ to do their job securely. It is an interesting balancing act and makes her very pleased she studied psychology in her first degree.

She is also in the final phase of her MSc (Res) at the University of Glasgow investigating the loss of data by photography and video capture. She intends to go on to complete a PhD.

Why I Joined The Analogies Project

“I am joining this project because I know that stories work because they seep into the cracks between stress and disinterest of the working day.  However, just like the ‘right’ jokes for the best man’s speech at a wedding, many can use them but not everyone can make them up.  This is a resource that will enable those who don’t have the time or the imagination to devise good stories to find them and adapt them.  Through that we can help to bring secure practice with computers into the culture and normal practice of ordinary users.”

My Analogies

The Weakest Link The Story of the Pineapple Flavoured Condom
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